Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Reason Why I Sing--Don't Look At Me

You wonder why I sing? Is it for me? Is it for you? Why do I write these things? I have often wondered myself, but I wonder no more.

It is for the glory of the mighty God, the risen Savior, the powerful Holy Spirit that I sing. If it was not for Him, it would be worth nothing. It would not matter if thousands sat before me every night to hear me play and sing, if Christ were not the purpose for what I do, it would be nothing.

The songs I write are gifts from God. My inspiration comes only from Him. If I am not seeking Him, I cannot write music. It would be a great tragedy then, if I tried to make my messages into ones that pleased the masses. It would be a shameful thing if I looked to the popular music of our times to fashion my music after, trying to draw in a crowd, because then I would not be trusting the Lord to bring the audience; I would be trusting my own knowledge and ability.

If I am writing a song and I don't see God at the center of it, I know it is a song coming from my sinful self and not Him, so it is quickly discarded. I see no reason to fill the world with more empty music when there is so little proclaiming the glory of our Creator. And even if there were scores of songs about Him, there could never be enough.

This may seem radical, but it's not. Jesus gave everything so that we could come into His presence. If we're truly there, how could we not sing about Him?

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