Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Tuned Piano

I was playing a piano today that was rather ugly. I had very low hopes of it actually working, because it's very beat up; it's missing the finish, the keys are chipped and pieces of the wood are broken off. But amazingly, beautiful sounds came out of it. It must have been recently tuned.

It reminded me of the fact that this is how I'm supposed to be as a child of God. I need to be a tuned piano. Jesus is the Master Piano player and I am a lowly instrument. I'm beat up, with chipped parts, and ugly on the outside. My reaction is to look around at the beautiful pianos around me that are different colors, that have shiny finishes, that have beautiful carvings in them, and say, "That's what I want to be like! I want to be beautiful."

But their beauty is not real. When played, a rough sound comes out. Never been tuned, the songs and their melodies are not even recognizable. The instrument sounds nothing like a piano. But they don't care. They look beautiful on the outside and take great pride in that and all day long are only concerned about their polish, desiring the latest type of finish-stain, the glossiest coat, and more complicated decorative carvings. And so often, I buy their lie that looks are all that is important.

Then God comes and starts tuning me, His little beat up piano. "Why are you doing that, Father? Why are you pulling me so hard?" "I'm tuning your strings, my dear." "But it hurts!" "The pulling and pain is necessary for your sound to be beautiful." "But when are you going to make me beautiful? When will I get to look good on the outside?" It is then He tells me His true vision for me.

"I am making you beautiful now, My Daughter. You must be in tune for me to play you and have beautiful music come out of you. It doesn't matter if you look like you've been through a war. What matters is if you allow Me to change you, to make you a beautiful instrument. The outside does not matter. It does not please me that all those other pianos look beautiful on the outside, because I cannot play them. Their keys stick when I try to play them and they do not produce music. You are an instrument and the more you let Me clean you up on the inside, the better you will sound when I play you. And the more you allow Me to play you. The more people will be blessed by the beautiful song in you. It is then that they will give me true praise. They will not praise you; they will praise me. They will marvel that I choose such an ugly looking instrument, but they will worship me all the more. Some will reject your song. Some will not have ears to hear the beautiful sound. Some will prefer the outer beauty and clanking cacophony of the other pianos. But you don't need to worry about them. If you just surrender yourself to be completely changed and always played by me, you will be serving your total purpose.

Dear Father, please make me a willing instrument in Your hands. Please tune me perfectly, even though it hurts. Please play Your beautiful song in me, that many will hear it and praise Your name. Please take my eyes off the other pianos and what they value and cause me to only desire Your will for me. In Jesus' Holy Name, Amen.

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Margaret Neufeld said...

Good to see you back! That was a great post. I've been thinking of many of those things as well. When God tunes our lives, it hurts, but it's necessary. He's painting a masterpiece with our lives, and it may not look like much right now, but that's because He's far from finished yet.