Thursday, December 25, 2008

What I'm Liking :)

This is just a list of things that made me happy during the Christmas season and I thought they were worth sharing. It's great to look at my life and see that even though a lot of things went wrong lately, that God still was watching over me and giving me joy.

  • I had the privilege of playing the piano for two Christmas pageants that our homeschool group did. I also got to sing two of my songs with my sisters.
  • I finally started voice lessons and being strongly pushed by a friend and I'm loving them!
  • I managed to not get sick for the holiday season (at least, not yet)! Quite a change from last year when I was very sick from the 9th to the 23rd.
  • I got to have about twenty friends come over last Saturday for an awesome Christmas party that went well into the night. We had a great time of fun, fellowship and worship. It really meant a lot to me that everyone came!
  • Yesterday morning, we went to Lynch Park and my sister and I went down to the beach, while the rest of the family went sledding. I collected shells and rocks and put them in a dish and vase when I got home. My sister took some great photos too of me on the beach and in the garden! It was a wonderful new Christmasy thing that I will remember forever!
  • Last night we got to actually do something important. We helped some friends of ours clean their house, since the mom has problems with a chronic illness and four young children which makes it hard for things to get done. So, we got to have a wonderful time with them while helping them and at the end we sang some carols with my guitar.
  • Today was a wonderful day, just spending time with my family and actually...catching up on some things around the house. It was nice this year to actually clean up from the meal and do laundry and put away the gifts instead of leaving it for the day after, in an attempt to cause a post-Christmas depression. Also, this was the first year that I made sure we read the Christmas story from the Bible before we went to done to open presents and I think that really helped put the day in proper focus.
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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