Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The other day when I was thinking of what to blog about, I scratched down worrying/waiting on my to-do list. I was planning on writing some really positive post about why we don't need to worry and if we just wait long enough, everything will be fine. But, today, I don't feel that. The idea which I was planning on expounding on is still true; ultimately things will be good for us in heaven. But on earth, today, it doesn't feel like things will be good for a while.

If you wait long enough, things get better...and if you keep waiting they sometimes get worse again. Right now my health has gone down again after I've done every possible thing I can think of to improve it. Despite my spiritual growth, I still face the exact same temptations and sinful cravings I did when I was 11. My future is not as sure as I felt it once was, and my conviction feels weak at the moment.

That said, I'm still going to write on my original idea, and perhaps my feelings of discouragement right now will make what I'm saying more real.

In the Bible we are told not to worry. Hmm... Worrying is so easy though. In fact, our whole culture is based around worrying about things and overreacting to them. That's how stores can sell so much. We buy it because we worry about not fitting in. Worry seems like a normal, even healthy response when we are faced with challenges or problems. But it isn't. It destroys peace and causes despair. But why is this important? Why did Jesus really tell us not to worry? I believe it is because that by worrying, we are trying to take matters into our own hands and not completely trusting in God to do what he says He will do. That's what sin is too. So, in effect, worry is this the prequel to sin: we see things going wrong, worry about them, try to take things into our own hands intsead of putting them in Gods' and deviate from His ways, then sinning.

How should we handle things then, when we feel like our life is out of control? We turn to God. Actually, we should have been looking at Him the whole time. If we are always in constant awareness of God's divine ways and eternal perfect plan for our lives, clearly outlined in scripture, we wouldn't have these worries. We need to trust in Him. If we wait on His plan, everything will be put to right eventually. Even if we do not experience great peace in our lives on earth, we will live forever healed and happy in Heaven. That will be amazing. We may have horrible lives on earth, or just not the best, but if we know the True God, we have no excuse for worrying. We can hope in His glorious future for us. So stop worrying.

I'll stop worrying now too.

P.S. None of my worries were tied to the election results, if you were wondering.

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