Monday, September 15, 2008

Depending on Christ (Part I)

This world is such an exciting place with many wonderful things to do. We are surrounded every day with things that attract our attention: food, clothes, friends, the internet, money, sports, entertainment.

But there are so many problems in our world: The wars, the famines, the diseases. There are so many problems in our society in this country: abortion, divorce, suicide. There are so many problems in our schools, our families...ourselves. Sin is rampant. There is so much hate, envy, anger, bitterness, backstabbing, double-crossing and other causes of sorrow, that it is hard to not daily despair. These are just the big problems though.

The demands of normal daily life are taxing too. Working, going to school, being part of a family, serving in the community--these all require a great deal of energy, energy that we don't have on our own. This is just a small overview of the stresses in our lives.

Obviously, with things all crazy and with all the expectations put on us in life, we need someone or something to depend on. Everyone does, whether they admit it or not. After trying to make it by oneself for a little while, it's very evident that there is not enough strength in one person to make it on their own. We all need to turn to something outside ourselves for real strength.

There are things in this world that people turn to for their fulfillment and support: friends, family, pop stars, entertainment, sports, money, control, drugs, drinking--anything to inspire them, make the feel strong, or just help them escape. There are many that turn to a variety of religions to depend on.

There are also many people that are really depending on the next leader of this country to make a change. They are hoping that someone will take charge and help solve all our problems. They're looking for someone to step in and fix money problems, pay for everyone's good health, provide with funds for educating the children. Those people are depending on our flawed human leaders to be their savior.

But all these things can never bring true, complete fulfillment. At some point, everyone and everything that you we turn to will let us down. Every place of escape will disappear. The ones we depend on, will brush you away and leave you alone.

As tragic as this can be though, it should drive us to Jesus. He is the only one that will never let us down, that will always be there for us and is the One that is really dependable forever.

To be continued...


evanjmcgann said...

Sometimes If we don't Do Hard Things, we get too comfortable and not depend on him enough.

Tom said...

So true, so true........ Nice logo!