Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Real Hard Thing

There are some things that most people consider to be hard things, but really aren't. Let's not kid ourselves. There are things that really are hard and we need to be doing them. This list is just an example of my own hard things. Find and conquer your own.

Getting up an hour early to read your Bible is easy--Reading it anyway, when you miss your alarm and are gone from 6 to 10 is hard.

Immaculately cleaning the house when company is coming is easy--Cleaning the house for when Dad comes home is hard.

Helping with stuff around the house without being asked is easy--Being asked later to do more and not listing off what you already did, to get out of it, is hard.

Skipping meals is easy--Eating healthy portions at every meal is hard.

Learning an instrument is easy--Teaching your younger sibling to play it is hard.

Sharing clothes is easy--Continuing to share clothes, after receiving some back stained, is hard.

Cutting things out of your life is easy--Replacing them with something good is hard.

Taking classes is easy--Teaching yourself is hard.

Sharing a room with siblings is easy--Helping them clean up all their stuff is hard.

Obeying is easy--Obeying cheerfully is hard.

Talking about controversial ideas is easy--Carrying them out is hard.

Graduating highschool is easy--Continuing to study afterward is hard.

Admitting your own flaws is easy--Letting others point them out is hard.

Witnessing to strangers is easy--Witnessing to unsaved family members week after week is hard.

Cleaning someone else's house is easy--Cleaning your own house is hard.

Writing is easy--Writing worthwhile things is hard.

Praying for your friends is easy--Praying for them when they decide to hate you is hard.

Being kind to and obeying parents is easy--Still being kind to and obeying parents when they're in a bad mood is hard.

Being open with people is easy--Not closing up when they reject you for it is hard.

Working is easy--Working with other people is hard.

Doing your best is easy--Doing your best when no one is looking is hard.

Having high standards is easy--Having high standards, when you're the only one with them, is hard.

Doing what the world thinks is hard is easy--Doing what you know is hard for you is hard.


evanjmcgann said...

The last one is great. :)

I really like this blog. It's real honest and open.

Tom Martin said...

"Doing what you know is hard for you is hard." That says it all.