Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Leaning On God

Good friends are hard to come by. You know it's true. I'm sure you have some good friends though. They're people that you can go to with any problem, that you vent to, that are always going to support you. These people are so special to us.

But, what if they aren't around? What if they change? What if, all of a sudden, they aren't there for you anymore? Who do you lean on?

This is a tough subject to write about. I'd like to tell you that you'll never come to a point when you can no longer depend on your friends. I'd like to hope that we always have good Christian mentors to support us and like-minded friends rallying around us. This is the biblical model, after all, at least in general. But we are coming to desperate times. Friends betray friends all the time. When the persecution of Christians come, the numbers in the church buildings will dwindle. Even families have unresolvable differences and go their separate ways.

Who do we turn when there is no one left to help us?

Though, when everyone forsakes you, when you have no earthly person to turn to, God is always there.

We can always lean on God. He will be there till the end of the world and for all eternity. He knows us and our problems inside out and He loves us in spite of our numerous sins. He is greater than we can ever imagine. He won't leave our forsake us if we put our trust in Him. He conquers all of our problems.

We really need to be relying on Him more now. The human tendency is to go to other people for advice, help and love. But as followers of Christ, we need to make the Lord our ultimate companion, savior and helper. God is the only one strong enough to truly support us. We are weak, but we can always lean completely on Him and He will lift us up. How great He is!

So, whenever you are sick, tired, discouraged, depressed, upset, angry, or feeling hopeless, turn to God first and lean on Him. He has all the answers and will never let us down.


Micahlangelo said...

I have felt the same so many times . . .

Tom said...

So true. Even when friends are there for us, Christ should always be the first one we turn to, in good times and in bad.