Friday, August 15, 2008

The Importance of Family for Rebelutionaries

As rebelutionaries, we believe in the importance of collaboration; it is key to accomplishing great things. I think, though, that we teens are prone to often overlooking an important group of people that could be of great help to us: our families.

There are many advantages to working with your family. You already know them extremely well, so you don't have to get to know them. You already live with them, most likely, so location issues won't come up. And, hopefully, you share the same moral standards, which can greatly help you when doing things together.

There is another side to this, too. You should make sure that you don't overlook how you can be a great help to your family in the projects that they want to do. A very important thing for teens, in order to be of use to their family, is to not be individualistic. It's hard to not be this way. I very often want to do my own thing, rather than do what my family is doing. I think that, at least while you're living at home and being provided for by your parents, it's very important to be looking out for your family's best interests. Many times, we're willing to work out things with everyone except our families, which limits our opportunities to do productive things.

A family that shows the results of working well together for Christ is the Botkin family. Geoffrey Botkin has written and directed public affairs films and has produced or executive-produced more than one-hundred documentary films, television productions, and other media projects. His children actively support him in this work. They have studied music theory and composition extensively for his films' scores. His sons have incredible expertise in filmography; his daughters in costume design. Together as a family, they can almost completely film and produce full length films. That will prove incredibly useful in fighting the culture war.

For me, my family has given me invaluable support in everything I do. My parents willingly drive me to events that help me in my Christian growth. They provide me with numerous resources to help me as well. My younger siblings are very kind to me, sometimes even sacrificing their comfort so that I can take advantage of certain opportunities. I love my family and I try to help them, too, by praying for them, helping with household tasks, driving my siblings places and doing errands for mom, teaching my younger siblings and just by being a positive influence in our home. I don't always succeed. Many times when we work together, we end up discouraged, but God works it all out in the end and we're always working at growing closer together, for the purpose of advancing God's kingdom. I wouldn't trade my family for any other.

God put us in our families for good reasons. He knew exactly who our parents and siblings would be. We must not forget that when we're working with our families, even when problems and personality conflicts occur. It may be hard to work things out with our family members sometimes, but it will be good and you will grow stronger.


Micahlangelo said...

so true, and as a family, you aren't as centered on the opinions of them about you, such as you can get in a fight and still know that they'll love you, for that, they are sooo devoted and loyal.

Tom said...

Families can be the hardest to work with at times, but they can also be a place where God can accomplish great things for His glory.