Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm Taking A Short Break

I did say that I planned on posting every day, but some things have come up that really don't leave me time for that. Plus, I'm typing up the equivalent of several blog posts a day in my correspondences and documents for the projects I'm busy with.

First, I'm doing this planning thing for an event that is yet to be announced, but keep watching for it!

Second, I am meeting with someone to discuss some important issues that I need to plan a lot for.

I've also been working on designing a dress for someone and doing intense reading. On top of that I'm fighting terrible stomach aches and a disruption to my sleep schedule, so I've been having to rest more during the day.

All this is just to explain why I'm taking a short break. Just about a week. I'll be back September 1st.

Please pray for me and all the upcoming things I have to do and my stomach problems. Thanks!