Thursday, August 7, 2008

Affecting The Future

I read once of a mother who would always tell her daughter, "remember, one day your body will carry a child." When she admonished her daughter to eat healthy and to abstain from drugs, she would always end with, "for one day..." 1

This really has made me think about how our actions now always affect our future. Ir is really important for us to grasp such a concept, now, today, while we can still change for the better. The Bible says, "
for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap." What we are doing now will have a direct impact on our future, whether positive or negative. There are several main areas of our lives that are most affected:

Our Families
As a son, daughter or siblings, we have tremendous impact in our families. The examples we lead for our younger siblings now may
greatly influence how they live their lives later. How we support our parents will assist or hold back our parents from beneficially impacting our siblings, extended family, church, neighborhood and culture at large.

Our Future Spouse And Family
Everything we do now is directly or indirectly going to affect our marriage and children. The movies we watch, the music we listen to, the counsel we accept, the companions we choose all influence our thinking on family. Many people think if they watch or listen to impure things, it only affects themselves and no one else. This individualistic thinking is very flawed, because everything we do affects someone else and changes the course of society.

Relationship With God

This aspect of our lives is often overlooked, I believe. People often think that praying and reading the Bible are things they can always do and that they're just "something that Christians do." Really, though, we suffer personally every day we neglect our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Whether we communicate with God and read His Holy Words today will determine how in tune we'll be with his ways tomorrow. It is the foundation for our life and we can only start building on it today, one day at a time.

The Next Generation
People talk a lot about how our generation is going to make a big impact. We are in this amazing position to make a change on the culture. A lot of people are expecting us to and depending on us. We cannot forget that we are laying groundwork for the generation coming after us. How we act now will lead the cultural opinion of the next generation of teenagers. When our children and grandchildren want to get something done, people will be able to say look back at us and say that they can make a change because we did.

There are so many times that I look back, maybe read through some old emails, and see how immature I used to be. I regret that I didn't realize at the time how the things I said then would stay with me and affect me now. It's something I don't want to forget again and I hope you don't either. We can be a positive change for today...and tomorrow!

Doug's Blog-Mailbox: Remember, One Day You Will Carry a Child


Tom Martin said...

The message here is a very obvious, yet profound. However, I know way to many Christians who do not get the "obvious", or if they do,do not put it into practice. Who will start the "Rebelution" and practice what Christ teaches us?

Micahlangelo said...

I love what you said about our Relationship With God, it's so true, and most christians neglect a daily time which is so important. I love spending time with God.