Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Sword

Here I am, back at this blog again. My other low pressure blog is just that: too low pressure. I still need a place for my writing that I have high expectations for. I'll still be writing on both, I believe.

Our pastor talked partially about the power of the Bible this morning and I really feel inspired by it. He said that we often look for guidance from things outside God's Word, which is sadly true. Sometimes we seem to take for granted that we know it and that we can start looking to other places for advice. But that doesn't work. The only place that we can ever get the complete truth from, every single time, is the Bible.

I think it is vitally important to read the Bible every day. I don't see how we can expect to know how to serve God if we aren't reading over His words every day. Trying to serve the Lord daily without reading the Bible is kind of like going to work, not talking to your boss, and expecting to know what you're doing.

For a personal example of the power of God's Word, I'll share my own experience. The past couple days, I've felt like something was missing in my life, like I was supposed to be doing something else. It just occurred to me this morning that, for the last three days, I've only been reading a small amount of the Scriptures. How sad it is, that I who have the cure sitting on my shelf sometimes go looking for false remedies.

Matthew 4:4 says, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." The Word is our spiritual food. If we are not reading a good portion of it every day, we are going to feel like something is missing, in the same way we would feel like we were missing something if we were not eating.

I'm really determined not to ever fall out of reading great portions of the Bible again. My soul becomes bitter and dry and cries out when I do. Every day there is a deep spiritual battle going on and how am I to win if I do not take up my sword? (Hebrews 4:12)

Our culture is screaming every second for answers to their troubles. They desperately need to know what to do about their finances, their marriages, their children, their health, the schools, the government, the wars, and their relationships. We have the answers and we have daily access to them, unlike people in some other countries. Maybe it's time to start sharing the wisdom, to stand up loudly and say, "We have the answer!" The answer is the Word and He has revealed Himself in the pages of the most Holy Book. He can heal all wounds, mend all breaks, soothe all hurts. We really need to step up and fight for what's important. We can't be ashamed. The world needs us to share the light.


evanjmcgann said...

"Trying to serve the Lord daily without reading the Bible is kind of like going to work, not talking to your boss and expecting to know what you're doing.

THats soo good hahahah! :D

prayin for yah.

Potent Praise said...

Good stuff. Enjoying your blog.

Micahlangelo said...

Very well done! Very true as well.

Amber said...

I think what God is showing you through His Word is amazing! If you can hold tight to the truths that God shows you, then you will always have them to stand strong upon when the world around you seems to crumble.