Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Complicated Life

Oh, how we complicate life. We twist things up, shove them into boxes, copy them from the culture, ignore them, try to make them what they aren’t, and what has it gotten us? Discontentment and confusion. What am I speaking of, you may wonder? Everything. I hardly even know where to start.

Life. It is a wonderful beautiful gift from God, yet we warp it all the time.

I guess I shall start with sleep. Sleep is such an essential recharging time for us. Our bodies need to rest at night, but yet, we develop unhealthy habits. Before electricity, the sun went down and, for the most part, people went to bed. The sun woke them up and they lived their day. Why now do we have these all-nighters and stay up late just to be able to boast of our freedom? Why don’t we sleep when we are tired instead of having this “category” for sleep in our lives? When the sun is up, it is the most natural time to be awake, yet we sleep in till noon and stay up till three in the morning trying to catch up with things.

We have this whole world out there, yet we stay inside all day with artificial light. Do we ever wonder why so many people need glasses? Perhaps it is that our eyes do not see the sunlight enough.

Why do we think of cleaning the house as a miserable task? We create the home we live in. Maybe we should just think of cleaning as an art, a beautifying process for the home, the same way people think of showering and dressing in the morning.

Why do we put doing laundry in this box where we mentally shove it aside until the last minute, instead of just seeing it as a task that can be done joyfully, necessary to looking presentable and smelling clean?

Why do we always seek friends outside the home when God has already placed people here that will help us grow and will always be here for us? Why are we listening to the culture? Just because they say that our families aren’t cool doesn’t mean that we need to listen.

Why do we think that friends need to be our age when the Bible says all over that other youths can lead us astray? Not that having any friends our age is bad, but when 98% of the population isn’t our age, don’t you think that it’s a little limiting to only socialize with our age group? (That number is assuming an average of 50 years per person and assuming that there’s an equal number of people born and staying alive every year. Faulty logic, I know, but you get the point.)

Why do we think we need to follow the fashions of some Godless, wealthy stars? Normal, working people don’t need to spend $80 on a pair of pants. This is just common sense. God frees us to be who we are. We do not have to try to keep up with nor copy the unbelieving culture.

Why do we put so much emphasis on work? People don’t need to work 40 hours a week, especially young people who are still under the protection of their parents. Yes, 40 hours a week is necessary to maintain the American lifestyle, but who needs that?!? Throw the American way of life out the window! We don’t need multiple computers, TVs and stereos. Honestly, only three or four outfits are necessary. We don’t need to go to the movies, or buy new CDs all the time, or go to concerts, or go out to eat. We work for all this stuff, yet there it sits at home, unused, while we slave away all day and collapse into the bed from exhaustion each night. We work for ourselves and our families, and give them and ourselves so much stuff, but by doing so, we have no time to enjoy it. Perhaps I am insane, but I think people would be a lot happier if we lived in small homes, with one car, staying at home with the family a lot, making home pleasant.

Finally, why do we think of reading the Bible and praying as some drudgery, something to be thrown on at the end of our days? Now, all relationships are hard, and we put much effort into our friendships with humans. Why don’t we do the same for our Creator? He should be our best friend that we ask advice for about everything, before we turn to the other fallen people of this earth. He has written us this long, grand letter yet we neglect it day after day. We talk for hours about meaningless stuff with our friends and hardly spend more than five minutes talking to the most important being in our lives. Why is this? Something HAS to change.

Now, I’m not saying that we need to revert to some Victorian or Colonial way of life. I don’t do any of these things well. I have many, many outfits, CDs, and books, go to concerts and drive all over the place. But then again, I never feel perfectly content. Maybe, just maybe, instead of making us feel blessed, all these things are distracting us from God, the only true source of contentment.


Tatiana said...

Way to go Girly! Bravo!

Micahlangelo said...

Wow, you are a deep thinker!

Anonymous said...

I ran across your blog today, and thought you would like to have my sisters blogs for Christan girls!
She loves comments!