Friday, March 2, 2007

The Clouds Are Blue

Today I woke up to the sound of music and got out of my comfortable bed after having eight hours of sleep. I finished my school early and spent a while talking to friends on the computer while scanning old photos. Now, we have a family over for a delicious supper. All in all, I had a wonderful day. I am blessed with family, health, friends and a great home, which I thank my God for. My life is good. I am happy.

But something deep inside my soul is afflicted.

Everyday in this country 4,000 babies are killed at the command of their confused mothers. Less than I mile from here, lost people are consuming drugs to escape from their sorrows. Somewhere in this city, someone is being beaten. In this neighborhood, some guy is looking at porn. One block away, a girl falls asleep without her mother or father. Thousands of teens this very night are trying to find love by sacrificing their purity. Millions of people in this world are starving while I now eat my chocolate cookie. Hundreds of people this very night are being tortured for proclaiming Jesus as their Savior. Leaders of our national government forsake their wives for fleeting sinful pleasure. Children all over this city are living with only one parent, or maybe neither. Wives and husbands stubbornly split their families in two, along with their kids’ hearts. I personally know many people that are slowly dying. Adults sacrifice precious time with their own children, only to enable themselves to buy more possessions that will never fill the holes in their souls. Families are torn apart by hatred.

And no, I don’t live in a bad town. It’s a very nice little town with a thriving community and a “great school system.” But I do know for a fact all that I mentioned before is true. Our world is falling apart while we sleep at night. Every minute hundreds of people die and are separated from God forever.

Life is not good. I am not happy. God has blessed me so richly and I often selfishly complain that I don’t have enough, when people all around me, even with all the riches in this world, are missing the greatest treasure.

It is times when I reflect on tragedies such as these when I understand why we are commanded to “Pray without ceasing.” How can we in good conscience ever stop pleading to God to save our planet, when we know of all this evil going on in our world?

Other than the sin in my life, I am a good person. Other than the bad things happening, there is nothing to pray for. Other than all the suffering in our world, life is good. The more I think about all this, the more I see that saying that life is good is as absurd as saying the clouds are blue.
Thank God for your blessings with every single breath, and beg him to have mercy on our world.


Tom said...

"My life is good." and "deep inside my soul is afflicted." how is it that both these emotions can coexist in one's life. What does Christ want us to do and say and act with this paradox taking place in one's life?

In.Not.Of said...

Nice! way to make the reader feel ashamed over the state of this world. Next post, lump all the good things in the world together. ;-)

Katrina Rowe said...

In.Not.Of, your very name should explain why I portrayed the world as a sad place. This is the very reason why we are not of the world, because it is full of sin and suffering. We should feel ashamed at the state of this world and cry out to Jesus to save it. That was the whole point of my post. Thanks for understanding. ;-)

Sam said...

I get this (frame of mind) a lot. When I consider the state of the world, I am always slapped cold with guilt and shame over the comfortable life I live.

Sarah said...

I was moved by your post, Katrina. It's so important that, as Christians, we have a relentless burden for this world and the sin and bondage in which they are trapped. Complacency is such an easy trap to fall into.

You're right - it was the glorious new creation that God called good, not the depraved sin-sick one. We each made a mess of His creation when we choose to rebel against Him. Thanks to Christ for an opportunity to be redeemed! :)

I've been blessed by the prayers that such Biblical characters as Daniel and Nehemiah prayed for their nations. It's humbling to see that such righteous men would lower themselves to confess their nation's sins - sins for which they were not directly responsible. We need more Christians who, as you said, will intercede for this world.


-J. Lo said...

this is a powerful post, i don't have anything to add....

but i do want to point some things that were inspired from what you wrote-

this world is messed up. and youre living in it. i'm living in it. our families are living it. but try and narrow it down from "the world"....the u.s. is our country. it is well-known for over-indulgence. we're not just the joneses anymore. we're the rockstars that do whatever they want, sex, drugs, rock n roll, and the rest of the world knows it. so not only do we have a messed up place to live in right here (wherever you are) in the u.s., we are a messed up country to the rest of the countries around us. and you ask why there's war? i do too. but it doesn't take long to figure out why. just like if your dad were to cheat on your arguement would ensue...war ensues when countries are not in good relationships with each other

just some more food for thought!

the answer is jesus