Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Update: Modesty Survey

I wish I could write a more personal and original post, but today is a very busy day for me. I babysat this morning, am going to babysit again this evening, and in the mean time, I have to clean and vacuum our house. I will though, take this opportunity to catch you up on what's been happening with the Modesty Survey.

The Modesty Survey closed on the 28th. Here is a recap of week one, displaying some early rough statistics. In response to a lot of objections to the survey Alex and Brett wrote a post addressing the people who think the Modesty Survey is chauvinistic, saying that the people who think so are misunderstanding it.

I find it very ironic that girls think that Alex, Brett and the guys who took the survey are being chauvinistic. Over 215 girls wanted them too. I would think that the girls would find it offensive if the guys refused to to take the survey when girls asked them to. I am glad that Alex and Brett were able to stand up to the pressure so well.

Now, the most exciting thing is that the results are going to be released on St. Valentine's Day! It is a very wonderful gift that girls can look forward to receiving from 1,500+ Christian guys. What more could a girl want?

The Harris twins also posted two sermons, one by John Piper and one by CJ Mahaney, both having to do with modesty and clothing. I have yet to listen to both, but I plan to while I clean after I'm done with this post.

They also gave us a sneak peak to the survey by releasing two text responses about guys' responsibilities to not lust after girls. Both quoted gentlemen explained the guys' responsibility very well. In the first part, I found the summation that guys would "rather do [their] battles with the world than with [their] sisters in Christ" to be a very informative reality for us girls.

In part 2, Shannon Moeller likened modesty to building a wall around a roof, so not to bring guilt upon the owners if someone fell off their roof. He explains that girls are not responsible for guys' lust as long as they are modest, in the following way: "Yes, just like certain men will jump off a roof, despite the parapet. If a man wants to jump, you should do what you can to stop him. But, if he forces his way past and jumps anyway, the guilt is on his head, not yours. The parapet is there to keep men that don’t want to jump from falling. It’s the same with modesty."

But how high should the wall be? In other words, what is modest? He points out that we can look at it two ways. "The “how-low” group might build a 12-inch railing or a fence with four-foot gaps between the posts," which can be likened to a girl that wants to know how little clothing she can wear and yet be considered modest enough to keep from being responsible if guys lust after her. And, "The “how-tall” group of people might build a nine-foot-tall, solid-brick wall ensuring that even Goliath would have a hard time forcing himself over the railing," which is like a girl trying to cover herself as much as possible, like the Muslim women, to ensure that no man find her tempting at all. He says that the "how-tall" group goes overboard and that girls don't have to cover every inch of skin.

I will take this a step further and say that the "how-low" group is not truly interested in keeping others from being harmed. If you only build a one-foot flimsy wall around your roof, that wouldn't actually keep a person from falling, but would only take the guilt from your head. In the same way, a girl that wears the bare minimum to be considered modest is not truly concerned for her brothers' -in-Christ wellbeing. It will be hard for us girls to stay in the middle, but I think the modesty survey will help greatly.

This did turn out to be more personal that I anticipated, but I could not resist adding my opinions. I have to go clean and listen to the sermons now.

Note: Even though I helped with the Modesty Survey (and used their image), my opinions on this blog may not reflect those of the Rebelution's.

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