Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Spreading The Rebelution In Massachusetts

Looking at the rebelution map, I think I'm the only rebelutionary in Massachusetts. For a while now, I've been thinking of this as being a bad thing because I haven't had any people (except my sister) fighting alongside me to rebel against the low expectations of our culture. Massachusetts is so liberal and everyone has so low of expectations of teenagers, that they practically don't exist. I have always wanted to live in a different state because of this, but recently a shocking realization struck me. I am magnificently blessed to be in this position.

Being in a situation when I'm bombarded with low expectations makes my doing hard things all the more glorious. God has already worked some great things with us here. God has called me out of my comfort zone and I now feel so free. Staying inside the comfort zone is not really comfortable. It's restrictive. I'm glad to be getting out of it.

Alex and Brett sum up my thoughts in one of their posts: "We cannot be elitist. We must fight for humility. Even while we decry the state of our fellow youth, we must not condemn or separate ourselves from them. The heart of a rebelution is the truth that all young people have the ability to accomplish much greater things than our culture would have them to think." I am going to try to do this more thoroughly here. It is so easy to dismiss people with low expectations as not being worth my bother, but then the rebelution wouldn't spread!

My family and I are working to make a change in this state. Already, not even having lived a year in this town, we were written about in the newspaper about how our family is different. There is hope for this state. I can make a change. I am going to work to spread the rebelution in my church. There is so much potential for better, that I don't know where to begin. I ashamed to admit now, that I was going to keep the Modesty Survey a secret from the highschoolers at my church and not even tell them about it or that I was involved with it, but now I see how foolish that would be. If I can be happy and serving God with abandon, these people will be drawn to me even though I'm different.

Already the rebelution is spreading. My friend back in the city we moved from joined the rebelution forum and I have a friend very interested in the Modesty Survey. In fact, she's a public schooler, but she's going to write a paper about how superior homeschooling is to public school. I do not say this to bring glory to myself in any way. All the glory must go back to God.

But I will encourage any of you that live in an area that hasn't heard of the rebelution, to please speak up and not be ashamed for being different, as I once was. Tomorrow, I'm telling the girls in my youthgroup about the rebelution and the Modesty Survey. Please, if you all would pray for me that I would stay strong in this desire to spread the rebelution, I will be very grateful. We're all in this together. We're all in this for God. I'm not truly alone in this state. God is always with me. I'm going to spread the rebelution!!!

Note: My youthgroup meeting has been canceled for tonight due to a snow storm. I will still be telling the girls in two weeks, though.

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Alex Jordan Harris said...

Praying for you, Katrina!

Katrina Rowe said...

Thank you, Alex. My time to tell the girls is actually being postponed for two weeks because we are experiencing a snow storm. I probably should change that in my post.

~Celeste~ said...

Wow how nice it must be to have snow! I want some snow! It is so warm here that it is not even funny!

I am also praying for you! I hope some of the girls really listen and take what you say and what the survey says to heart!

Have fun in the snow !

God Bless!

william stevenson said...

Excellent blog, Katrina! Especially your words on modesty. Yes, the Bible knows about how to make one beautiful. It is the inward adorning. But of course Madison Avenue and Hollywood are giving us the antithesis of modesty. Their word is "sexy". May we reclaim a different word: beauty. Feminine beauty. Thank you for having such a courageous voice!