Tuesday, January 9, 2007

My Allergy

I have a bizarre allergic reaction every time I hear a certain word: work. For some reason this makes me freak about. I think “Oh no. Mom’s going to make me clean the entire house before I go to bed.” I really have always pondered this odd reaction I have, especially when it’s always something small that she wants me to do, such as taking out the trash. I just today came to the conclusion. I realized that I have the mindset that work is bad. When I came to that conclusion, I can tell you, I was not very happy. “I’m supposed to be Rebelutionary! How can I not like work?!”

I soon discovered that I had another problem: I had bought in to our society’s lie that work is bad. All around our culture you hear everyone groaning about work. People are always saying things about how they hate work, or that they need a vacation, and on and on. I was very upset that I had this problem too. I thought at this point that things were just hopeless for me. How could I say that I like hard things if I don’t even like work?

This was really bothering me all day. Then the light came on in my head and I realized a couple of things. I realized that I don’t dislike work. I really do enjoy doing laundry and dishes most of the time. I like babysitting and vacuuming. Then why do cringe every time I hear the word work? The answer is that I have attached our culture’s negative connotation with work.

That is very bad. Work is a wonderful thing. God encourages us to work hard and well. We don’t even deserve to eat if we don’t work.

I found another problem with my thinking. I realized that a lot of the time, I had been thinking of life as being two parts: work and play. “When the work is done, I get to play. Work is boring; play is fun.” How wrong, not to mention stupid. Some of you may share my allergy and I’m going to tell you as I’m telling my self, STOP IT!

Work is a great blessing. Work is a very satisfying activity. I always feel so good when I finish washing all the dishes. The lawn looks so good when it’s mowed. Our culture is wrong. Work is great! Work is a blessing! Whenever you get overwhelmed by your chores just say that to yourself ten times fast…in pig Latin if you have to.

I’m so tired now, that I’m afraid I won’t make sense if I continue longer. I need sleep so I can I can work hard tomorrow!


caleb gage said...

Yes, work is a good thing. Before sin entered the world God made Adam work in the Garden. In fact that was Adam's purpose.(Gen.2:15)

The reason we hate this work is because of our sin. When sin entered the world the work became hard and we try to resist it.(Gen.3:17)

Good post ;)

Sarah said...

Excellent thoughts, Katrina. I also noticed that you linked to me - thanks! :D