Monday, January 22, 2007

This Sad Day

Today is a sad day. 34 years ago, on this very day, a group of people decided that there is nothing wrong with killing babies. They decided that the mother's life is more important than her baby's. They decided since young girls make irresponsible choices, that they can legally kill their own child, just so they can continue living irresponsibly. They created a way for a mother to be selfish by not having to spend more money to keep another human being alive. They decided that our next generation could be brutally killed by a gruesome death. Ah, but they don't call this killing babies. There is a different name more commonly used, to trick people into thinking that we aren't really killing innocent children. On January 22, 1973, seven leaders of our country legalized ABORTION.

I want to take the opportunity on the sad day, to bring to your attention organizations and people out there fighting against abortion, people fighting for LIFE!

First I would like you to watch this video by rapper Nick Cannon. He presents us with the sobering reality that if we are under the age of 34, our mothers had the legal option taking our lives away. All of us who are younger than 34, are blessed by God to be alive. My thanks to Alex and Brett of the Rebelution for making this video available for my blog.

Now I would like to draw your attention to organizations fighting for life

  • Stand True is a Christ centered prolife organization with many teen volunteers who I've been honored to meet at music festivals. Many Christian bands such as BarlowGirl, Superchic[k], Switchfoot and Casting Crowns endorse this ministry and wear Stand True shirts at their concerts. They have a great selection of shirts that can help you spread the prolife message. This organization also created the shirts for the March For Life in Washington DC.
  • Abort 73 is Christian ministry dedicated to spreading the sad, honest truth about abortion. They present the truth through real videos of what happens to children in abortion. This is rather graphic and I do not recommend that people under the age of fourteen see this without their parents' permission. If you are younger than fourteen though, please ask your parents to look at it. People need to be educated to what is really happening to all the unborn babies. I especially encourage you to read their article "Why does human life matter?"
  • is another Christian organization helping to spread the truth about abortion. Here is a quote from their website: "As an anti-abortion pro-life organization, we fight to change the abortion picture - to end legal abortion and return the right to life to unborn babies from the moment of conception. Our motto is, 'Pro-Life: without compromise, without exception, without apology.'"
  • is a Christian prolife ministry dedicated to educating people about abortion, by means such as their forum and page with links to other sites with photos of the effects of abortion.
  • One last thing you should check out is the abortion counter provided by

I hope what I've said to you this day has encouraged you to join the fight for life.

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pnihan said...

Great video! Dan and I like it. What better way to get a message across in 3 minutes! I wish that it was playing anywhere and everywhere. It's UNBELIEVABLE how many women don't fully understand what they are doing until it is too late. I cry thinking of many babies I don't even know that never had a chance and weren't to blame!!! What is truly unbelievable is that doctors have a license to end a precious life! THEY DO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!