Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Finding My Importance

I love doing stuff with people. I love to talk on the phone, IM, visit, have people over, go to parties, youthgroup, and church. We’ll have been out all day seeing people and my mom will say, “The must be enough of seeing people to last you a week.” Then I’ll say, “No way. I want to do it again tomorrow!”

It is not necessarily a bad thing to want to see people a lot. I don’t like to hang out with people that are a bad influence on me. I like to chat with Rebelutionaries and visit with adults that are wiser than me, so as not to pick up bad traits. (Proverbs 13:20) But there tends to be two problems with my spending so much time with people.

The first problem I have with spending a lot of time with people is that I tend to base my successfulness on it. If I have a day when I’m invited to three things, I’ll think that it’s a good day. But when I stay home all day, I begin to question my value as a person. I have this warped view that if other people want to spend their time on me, then I must be doing well, but if no one wants to do something with me, then I must be doing something wrong.

Even if my idea that my significance is based on how many people do stuff with me was true, it would still be a bad view. The purpose of my life is not to be adored by people. The purpose of my life is to adore God! At the end of my life all that will matter is that I’ve served the Lord. I am living well, if I am looking to God for his leading in everything that I do. The chief purpose of life is to glorify God. If I do that through my relationships, then that is wonderful. But if no one’s around to talk to, there are many other important things to be done.

I don’t think I’m the only one with this problem of sometimes basing how life is going on the amount of time spent with other people. It seems to be a common trend with the highschoolers in my church. They pack as much time with each other in to their days, even if they’re just wasting it on watching movies, and then they stay up late trying to catch up on their school studies.

That brings me to the second problem I have when I spend lots of time with people. When I spend most of my day with other people, the other things that I should do usually get left undone. Sometimes I'll get up in the morning and check my e-mail and see that someone’s online I could chat with, so I start a conversation even though I know I have a lot of school work and chores to do. When I spend hours out at people's houses, the laundry and dishes don't get done.

So right now, I'm trying to get my priorities in the right order again. I'm not saying that all of you who chat and spend time with me aren't a priority, but I do owe more time to my family, my studies, and to God than I have been giving.

I'm also going to learn to base my worth in God more, because He's unchanging. If I say something stupid, or make a mistake, I don't have to worry if He's still going to be there for me the next day. I can wake up in the morning every day and know that my Heavenly Father is always there for me to talk to and that is where I find my real importance: as a child of God.


Rebecca Schulz said...

very important thoughts. I find myself having to sit down and rearrange my priorities from time to time. God always has to be number one.. and whatever he wants me to do needs to be way up there on my list.

God bless you!

caleb gage said...

Good for you Katrina! And thanks for the reminder! :)

CloudWatcher said...

what a great post....