Wednesday, January 17, 2007

10 Reasons Why I'm Blessed to Be Homeschooled

Since I’m a senior this year and I won’t be in school much longer, I decided now was the time to write the reasons why I like being homeschooled. Some of these are very silly, but silly or not, they are good reasons for homeschooling your kids.

1. I get to wear hats – This may seem unimportant in the vast scheme of things, but for me it’s not. Hats are very cozy and believe it or not, they help me think better. They keep all my brain cells from evaporating into the ozone layer.
2. I have a more flexible schedule – There have been many opportunities for jobs for me that I would not have had if I had a rigid schedule that the schools employ. I am free to sleep later when I happen to have a late night, and on the flip side, if there’s something I want to do later in the day, I can get up earlier to start and finish school earlier.
3. I get enough sleep – Yes, I can sleep in late, but I can also go to bed earlier because I have no homework to do after school.
4. Yes, you heard right: I have no homework – Unless you count writing in my blog as my homework.
5. I get to listen to music while I study – Yes, sometimes this can be distracting, but classical music really helps me think better. I have also listened to my share of Switchfoot and BarlowGirl while I study, which isn’t necessarily bad, but I’ve learned that I concentrate better when I don’t have other words that I’m trying to listen to at the same time…which brings me to my next reason…
6. Being homeschooled taught me to be responsible – This may not be the case for every homeschooler, but for me, I think I’m much more responsible than I would have been if I went to public school. The very fact that I’m free to choose when I want to study forces me to make responsible decisions. If I do poorly on a subject a certain day, everyone knows it’s my fault for not preparing properly.
7. I get done with school quicker – Classes in school only move as fast as the slowest person. If someone doesn’t understand something in school, the class kind of halts until they understand. It also does away with a lot of the excess explanations and demonstrations, necessary in a classroom with twenty kids.
8. I can study in bed wearing my pajamas – My desk happens to be my pillow. One cold winter mornings, it’s much preferable for me to stay under my covers while I read my school books.
9. I learn how to get along better with people of other ages – Just being with my family all day, helps me to understand and relate with adults and younger kids better than I see public school kids doing. It also makes it so I have two classmates that are on a permanent sleepover.
10. I get lots of good practice for being a homemaker – Because I have so much extra time at home, I use it for practicing practical skills such as doing laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and get lots of practice with watching little children.

This is a guest answer by my eight year old sister: “I like being homeschooled because I get to be with my family, I get to spend more time on things I like to do, and I don’t get bullied.” Right on Sister!


Rebecca Schulz said...

yeah, homeschool rocks!!

well, actually I'm really glad to get high school done with forever after this semester.. but it's way better than public school.

I BEGGED my parents to homeschool me when I finished 7th Grade.. and I never regretted it, that's for sure!

caleb gage said...

And all the homeschoolers said: "Amen!"

Kristin Braun said...

Excellent post! I love being homeschooled too :)