Friday, December 8, 2006

All You Need For Christmas

I have a Christmas party going on which I'm not really a part and am up late and have cleared my inbox, so I have no excuse for not posting something.

Christmas is such a wonderful time. It's a time to decorate Christmas trees, a time to sing carols, a time with no school, a time with family, a time to eat a lot, and best of all a to time to give and get presents. But in all of these wonderful things, there's a certain amount of worry. "What am I going to get Uncle Urban?" (I just happen to like that name. I don't have an Uncle Urban) "Will Clarissa be offended if I don't get her a gift?" "Which family should I spend Christmas Eve with?" And the most important question: "How do I keep from gaining ten pounds?" Of course we don't worry about what people are going to get us, right? We don't' worry that Grammy is going to get us another scarf? We aren't making lists of what we want, are we? Or maybe we are. With all this worry, Christmas is a great cause of depression for some people. But I'd like to give you good hope this Christmas season. No matter how much weight you gain, no matter how few gifts you receive that you actually wanted, no matter how much money you have to spend, no matter how much homework you have over the holidays, just remember: You have the best gift of all. You have Jesus! That's what Christmas is all about. We have the biggest present of all. And NO ONE can EVER take it away. No one can break it. No one can steal it. And you will never lose it. You will always carry Him with you. That's all anyone could need for Christmas.

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JSU said...

Christ is the answer! You are right, He is everything to those who love Him. It is a bit depressing to me when I flip on the news and see the media trying to kill the "religion" in Christmas. Hope is not completely gone, God is still on our side.