Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What I'm Thankful For

Thanksgivings in just two days! This is the time of year when I like to think of what I'm thankful. Whenever you ask groups of people what they're thankful for, they all pretty much say the same thing:
  1. Jesus
  2. Family
  3. Friends
  4. House
  5. Clothes
  6. Car

These are all good things to be thankful for, but I wanted to think of more unique things this year. Such as:
  1. The Rebelution forum - It's so cool to be networked with teens who care about the same things as me.
  2. Books - I just love reading!
  3. School - I'm not kidding. As boring as it is, I want to be informed.
  4. Names - I am obsessed with names and their definitions. I have 5 name books and hope to get more. My favorite names right now: Urban, Demetrius, Fedora, Theodore (for a girl), Domino (another girl name) and Mark (a tribute to Mark Stuart).
  5. Mustangs - They're my favorite car. Even though I don't have one (yet), I love to just look at them.
  6. My imagination - It's just fun to be able to imagine things. I would hate to be bored when I don't have anything to do.
  7. Music - Music is air for me. I listen to music while I do school.
  8. Skateboarding - My favorite thing to do right now. I scraped my arm trying to do an Olly yesterday.
  9. Pain - I love what Jars of Clay says in Good Monsters: "and the pain makes them feel so alive." This is very true. Whenever I'm hurt I just think, "This is what being alive feels like."
  10. The declaration of Independence - I love to read this. National Treasure first got me interested in it.
  11. Photo editing programs - I love being able to make me colored with everyone else in the photo black and white. Ha Ha.
  12. Old hymnals - There are lots of easy to play Christmas songs in Hymnals.
  13. Walking through the mall during December - I love the crowds, decorations, and Christmas music playing everywhere.
  14. Youth group - We're doing a study on the songs from Jars of Clay's Good Monsters CD.
  15. The color of the ocean on a perfectly clear day - It's the best color in the world.
  16. The feeling you get when you stay up late - Around 11 o'clock, I get really wide awake and feel like getting lots of things done.
  17. Cold - Kind of like pain: It make me feel so alive.
  18. Sleep - Wouldn't it be awful if we couldn't sleep?
  19. My surgery - I had stomach surgery to remove my burst appendix. I almost died beforehand. Whenever I think about what happened to me, I'm so glad that God spared me from death.
  20. Freedom - Watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. There's a great scene about freedom in it.


caleb gage said...

Man...when you really think about it there are so many hings to be thankful for that we just take for granted. Thanks for that reminder!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

coconut Jones said...

Hey! It's co. That's quite a lot that you're thankful for! That's great that you love so much. I'm also thankful for the whole Thanksgiving season, it's so warm and happy an filling!


Katrina said...

Hey Co, thanks for checking out my site. Hope to see you tomorrow.

~Celeste~ said...

Thanks for the reminder that every
small thing is something to be thankful for! It is amazing to me how many of us take the small things in life for granted when they can be some of the most treasured. It is the small things that make life interesting!(and really fun!)